Her Highness Speaks

Sharon McInnis, the owner and CEO (Chief Error Officer) at ProofingQueen®, has reviewed hundreds of projects for a wide range of clients across Canada.

Before she started ProofingQueen, Sharon spent more than 30 years in marketing, account services, and print production. This mixed background means she ‘reads like a consumer’ and ‘thinks like a client’ – a definite advantage in this line of work.

And yes, as you may have guessed, Sharon loves Scrabble® and she studied Latin in high school. Throughout her entire life, she has had an almost divine ability to zero in on errors (which is somewhat annoying when she’s reading for fun). She also has an uncontrollable need to check every fact and figure in sight.

A truly expert proofreader – and a tenacious perfectionist – Sharon is also plain old fun to work with, and approaches every project like a member of your own team. Or, erm, court.