ProofingQueen® is Canada’s sovereign proofreading and fact-checking authority. Yes, we pore over your materials for spelling, grammar and factual accuracy. But we also check for just about everything else. Because for us, ensuring your perfect peace of mind is a royal duty.

It would please us greatly if you explored our royal court – and if you let us help make your work majestically flawless!

We do a lot more than just wave our sceptre and order the death of typos. And we do it on a wide range of projects.

We would be happy to give your project the royal treatment. No need to send a squire – an email or a phone call is fine.

I have hired Sharon for various projects and am always astounded by her keen eye and her ability to be flexible and to understand client preferences. She is always accessible and works within the ridiculous timelines that I sometimes have to pass on to her. She is my number one proofreader and I highly recommend her to everyone.

– Jenn Wallis, Director, Corporate Marketing, Galvanize