A young girl (let’s call her Sharon) regularly went on summer trips with her parents. Although they drove from Nova Scotia to visit grandparents in BC because it was less expensive than flying, her parents really liked to drive and all three of them enjoyed road trips. Breakfast was often in a Smitty’s pancake house (Sharon can still remember those waffles with fresh strawberries and real whipped cream) and supper was often in a roadside diner or a truck stop café (which you might not remember if you’re under a certain age).

The menus in those diners and cafés often contained typos (gems such as “Ceasar salad” and “iceburg lettuce”) that, to Sharon, just leapt off the page. Her ability to spot typos, along with her need to make sure everything is accurate, has served Sharon well over the intervening years.

Now, as the ProofingQueen, Sharon ensures that typos are banished, of course. But every piece we (that’s the “royal we”) review receives the royal treatment, which means that we also ensure correct and appropriate grammar, accurate spelling that fits your market, perfect punctuation, etc. (For a more detailed list, check out this ProofingQuips post.) In short, we find more than just typos.

We are fanatical about making sure that everything we review leaves our royal chambers…err, desk – in perfect condition. This means you can focus on other tasks, knowing that your work is perfect. We groom every piece until it’s worthy of an audience with the queen or – more importantly – with your customers!