In addition to proofreading and fact-checking English materials, there are other services that ProofingQueen offers in her royal court, including PDF markup, preparing style guides, editing, and proofreading French materials. For more details on any of these services, see below or get in touch!


Once the material you sent for review is thoroughly proofread and fact-checked, we know you don’t want to wait for a herald to show up with a wet piece of parchment that looks like it’s been created by an illiterate court jester.

So, we’ve created a PDF markup system that makes it easy for you to understand exactly what changes we’re suggesting, and why. Our eminently useful feedback in the marked-up PDF arrives via email in a easy-to-print format with clear and detailed comments. In our realm, those confusing paper-wasting printouts with electronic sticky notes have been banished to the dungeon!

If you want to know more about our markup options, check out this ProofingQuips post.


A style guide or glossary helps maintain accuracy and consistency. It can include guidelines and information about preferred spelling, punctuation, voice, tone, style, etc. It can also include terms and phrases specific to a company or an industry. Keeping a style guide or glossary updated is also essential ‒ language grows and adapts, just like your business!

If a style guide or a glossary already exists, and you can include it when you send us your first job, we’ll ensure we follow your preferred style.

However, if you have no style guide or glossary, we’d be very pleased to help you develop one, as having one can save time and ensure professional and consistent copy.


If your material isn’t quite finalized, we can also provide editing services.

Although the line between proofreading and editing is often blurred, editing is essentially a big-picture review to improve flow and readability, while proofreading is a focused review to ensure that there are no errors. Editing evaluates and enhances clarity, conciseness, word choices and paragraph structure, while proofreading checks for consistency, evaluates adherence to a style guide, and ensures accurate spelling and punctuation.


Did you know that we also offer proofreading in French?