There were very few errors in this brochure for the Four Seasons Private Residences Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica, which was reviewed for InterCommunications in San Diego. The major challenge of this job was ignoring the images – the photos of this breathtaking location made hard to concentrate on the words!

Coastline image and "The Ultimate Coastal Escape" copy from the Four Seasons Private Residences Brochure.

As the ocean views and sunsets mentioned in the first paragraph would not actually be ‘passing by’, I suggested revising that phrase, resulting in “With mesmerizing ocean views and magical sunsets, and majestic humpback whales passing by.” (That was the only change, as the client is comfortable with phrases that aren’t full sentences.)

Picture of a map of the region from the Four Seasons Private Residences brochure.

As my clients know, I fact-check everything. When I checked online maps of this area, I noticed that those maps used accents in “BAHÍA” and “JÍCARO”, which the client added.

Image of the accommodations and copy from the Four Seasons Private Residences brochure

Often, only a simple change – such as replacing “on site” with the corrected “on-site” – is needed. But that’s only after we read the copy three times, fact-checked the architect’s name and confirmed that “pre-Columbian” was correct!