ProofingQueen has developed a PDF markup system that makes it easy for you to understand exactly what changes we’re suggesting, and why.

We’ll send you a marked-up PDF by email (or by our royal herald if he is available) that’s easy to print and easy to review onscreen. ProofingQueen’s marked-up PDFs:

  • Are clearly annotated and easy to read onscreen or in a printout
  • Can be shared with every member of the project team
  • Provide clear suggestions on the thornier issues
  • Often document our source, just in case anyone in your court wants to confirm our rationale
  • Allow you to delete the changes you don’t agree with before you send off the marked-up PDF for further review or to your studio for updating

Of course, if Word works best for you, we also work with Word documents, where we can use tracked changes for revisions and comments. If our first review of a project is in Word, we recommend also sending us a PDF for one final look once the document is typeset/laid out.

The other option is to send us an InDesign document. This lets us correct all of the obvious errors and inconsistencies (and, of course, we’d be pleased to discuss what changes you would like us to make versus what we should leave alone). We add notes with any queries or if our suggested copy change is going to adversely affect the design. Although we understand that the thought of sending us your original file is a bit scary, many of our clients use this process, and they’ve been very happy with the process and the results. Please give us a call or send an email if you’d like more information about this option.