Think you got that historical date right? Do you have the correct line breaks in the poem that’s being placed on the inside cover? Does crunching numbers have you feeling, erm, crunched?

For every project, ProofingQueen:

  • Checks all facts, stats and figures
  • Checks all phone numbers, including dialing them if needed
  • Enters all URLs in a browser to ensure that they are correct (and live)
  • Ensures compliance with specified style guides, legal wording and client preferences
  • Double-checks spelling of names
  • Ensures number agreement
  • Indicates gaps, orphans, kerning and other typography issues
  • Confirms the accuracy of quotations
  • Checks everything but the word “the” – and even that gets a second glance!

Few busy professionals have time (or, sometimes, the inclination) to dig in and verify the more granular details. But we love this kind of thing. It pleases us greatly!