We banish typos, of course, and we scan for errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling. But in our realm, every piece we review receives the royal treatment – which means we find more than just typos.

When we review your material, we ensure:

  • Correct spelling that’s appropriate for your target audience
  • Words and phrases that are free of jargon and bias
  • Flawless grammar that suits the material – and your audience
  • Consistent spelling, punctuation, style and voice
  • Accurate heads, subheads, footers, footnotes, captions, labels and legends, including correct formatting and placement
  • Correct punctuation and no missing, duplicated or misplaced punctuation
  • Accurate phone numbers (including dialing them if we can’t confirm that they are correct)
  • Consistent and appropriate use of abbreviations, acronyms and initialisms
  • Accurate URLs, web links and cross-references, including content tables
  • Number agreement (for example, if the copy refers to “these four items”, we check to make sure there are four)
  • Accurate images, graphs, charts and other graphics
  • Correct cross-references in body copy to facts and figures in charts and graphics
  • Consistent formatting of tables and bullet points
  • Accurate French copy
  • Correct facts (see the the ProofingQuips post “CHECK THOSE FACTS!” for more about fact-checking)
  • Etc.